Mount Snow Strippers 2017 is here

Lets celebrate 2017 with our infamous Mount Snow Strippers. There are a lot of imitators but no duplicators! We have style, class, beauty, personality and most of all we have fun. These Mount Snow Strippers cannot be beat by any company and we will prove it. Order our 2, order their 2, do not give a credit card and you choose the girls you really want. It might cost an extra $25-$50 more to have us but its worth every penny. We are running on year 7 of providing the most attractive Mount Snow Strippers in Vermont.

Just a reminder, do not listen to any agency claiming to be from Vermont. They dont exist. All these sharks and bottom feeders travel from Boston, Maine and New Hampshire. You can get our Mount Snow Strippers every weekend and they will look better and better every time. These Mount Snow Strippers look great with the lights on or off and with their clothes on or off. Call us today and schedule ahead cause it will snow and it will get busy!

Our number is 802-359-7479

We look forward to partying with you this year!!!

Mount Snow Strippers

Stripper Autumn

Layla and Jada

Layla and Jada

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